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Enable investors to engage in fractional ownership
of Real Estate Assets and generate passive rental income


ReaftyClub is a collection of 10,000 NFT on Polygon Blockchain, Owners will get access to our platform (REAFTY.COM) that will be launched in Q1 2022 and mint exclusive NFT (ERC-721) of Real Estate Asset.


Ownership of each property is distributed across a finite number of representative NFT.



As lifetime members, owners will not only be part of a special group of investors but based on NFTs share, they can earn passive income by collecting revenue from rent…


Here are some of the benefits for ReaftyClub holders:

– A real long term business
– Monthly Passive Income
– Easy way to become a shareholder in real estate
– Yield up to 12%
– Defi
– NFT drops
– Native Tokens
– …

Check our full roadmap: Marketplace, Real Estate Asset, Token Airdrops, NFT Airdrops (Art for early supporter),…



Q4 2021 PHASE 0
ReaftyClub NFT Launch
  • 25% GiveAways: The first 3 Free NFTs gets dropped to lucky Twitter members.
  • 50% We will be donating $30,000 to Save The Children (savethechildren.ca)
  • 75% We will giveaway 10 ReaftyClub NFT to our lucky members and 1 ETH to a random OG ReaftyClub owner
  • 100% We will be donating $30,000 to a chosen charity.
Q4 2021 - Q1 2022 PHASE 1
Reafty Platform
  • Build Foundation
  • Team Expantion
  • Roadmap 2.0
  • Reafty.com Launch
  • Marketplace v1
  • Assets Expantion
  • Users Growth
  • Free NFT Art Drop
Q2-Q4 2022 PHASE 2
  • Marketplace v1
  • Rental Payment System
  • E-notary Integration
  • E-recording Integration
  • Native Token

  • Defi
  • Reafty.com Update
  • Free NFT Art Drop x3
Milestones to achieve

1 Billion in volume (Transactions on the platform)





Owning and holding a ReaftyClub Pass has significant benefits for its holders. It will be required to get access to the Reafty Platform to invest in real physical assets and earn monthly passive incomes generated from rent payments, the floor price will rise when the app launch date arrives, so it’s a tremendous speculative instrument.

In addition, you will be holding the FIRST Real Estate NFT pass. The collection value will be priceless over time and you will get more than 4 Free Mint (+Gas) (NFT Arts Gifts for holders)  

Of course! We are planning several airdrops for ReaftyClub Holders. We are planning more than four new collections for 2022;

Please, take a look at our roadmap, and stay tuned on our social networks to keep updated.

ReaftyClub NFTs are on the Polygon blockchain, as ERC-721 non-fungible tokens. Why Polygon? No expensive gas + Our rent payment will be Paid with Matic

Each of the 10,000 ReaftyClub will cost 150 Matic (+ gas fees). We are 100% convinced that the value coming from the Club membership will be worth much more than what the minting price is.

You can mint up to 5 per transaction.

ReaftyClub minting will be available only on this official website.

Public sale of the ReaftyClub NFTs will start on November 23, 2021, at 4 PM UTC.

The ReaftyClub collection features 10,000 mint pass. 100 NFTs have been reserved for giveaways.

The remaining will be available at the public sale (9,900).


While we expect The ReaftyClub to succeed, we want all holders to be aware of the variability of the NFT space. Don’t spend/invest money you can’t afford to lose. Enjoy the guaranteed utility we have in store for everyone, and HODL!

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